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Mark, 24th June 2009

Trying to use the dice worksheet, but the words I want to put on it are too big. How can you make the type smaller?

Erin D., 23rd June 2009

everything I ever needed! Thank you very much!

Frances, 22nd June 2009

Your site is ab fab. I tutor ESOL, and I get so much from your site. I also use it for my grandkids Thanks a million.

Erin, 21st June 2009

I am an occupational therapy student and your website has WONDERFUL resources for creating therapy sessions. Thank you!

Miss. Guilmartin, 11th June 2009

Your site is EXCELLENT!! It has the best QUALITY resources that I have ever found. I have recommended your site to as many people as I could find. I can't wait to see what else will appear. You've made being a learner teacher so much easier. THANKS!!

Teacher 84, 11th June 2009

I am glad that I stumbled across your site. It is a wonderful site.

Help Full, 11th June 2009

Good because you can print stuff off for Schools.

Sharon, 11th June 2009

it very well orginised and it is just what i needed

Georgia, 10th June 2009

this website is great its helped my sister with her homework so much thank you

Dr. S. Arkadan , 9th June 2009

Thank you ever so much for going through the effort of putting this site together, its helping out a lot of teachers & admins.

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