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Sophia Hague, 16th September 2009

I Love what you do, your certificate webpage is so thoughtful. When my website is up I shall feature you freely and pass info on about you. thank you Sophia Facebook: Sophia Hague twitter: bellaforkids

Jasmine, 15th September 2009

this is a very good site, great job, A+! (But i agree with Julie Newnham {bellow me}, the elephant pic should be removed)

Anonymous, 12th September 2009

In regards to comment about elephant picture: just choose a different picture - there are many to choose from!

Julie Newnham, 2nd September 2009

I think this is a fantastic site and I would like to further promote your website to language teachers, however I am most disturbed with the picture you have posted for 'Elephant' in the flashcards. Please change the picture as it is not appropriate!!! Once changed I will then be happy to promote your website to teachers across Victoria, Australia. Thank you

Happy User :), 1st September 2009

Thanks for having this website as i could print out certs for my teachers for teachers day!!!! oh its soooooo convienient i LOVE it! Well put together very SMART!!!!!!!!

Edinburgh SEN teacher, 1st September 2009

Thank you for such an excellent website with a great range of differentiated resources. Any time I need inspiration / motivation, you always come up trumps!! Have recommended you to all my colleagues!

Anonymous, 27th August 2009

these resources are great, thank you!

Clare, 26th August 2009

Oh Thank you so much for this website. I have Just started work as a Support For Learning Teacher having converted from music teaching...and had been feeling very unsure of resources etc but having spent a little while looking at this site I feel full of ideas and all ready to go! It really is so useful.

Caity, 25th August 2009

This is a fantastic site. Its brilliant that the resources can be adapted so easily. Thank you

Anonymous, 20th August 2009

Thankyou for providing excellent resources. Much appreciated.

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