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Pam USA, 28th September 2009

Love your site! I am a Speech Language Pathologist and use it all of the time!

Mel - Dublin, 28th September 2009

This is the most amazing website....have a daughter with special needs and always seem to be forking out lots of money on educational tools .... to find this website will make all the difference!! Well done and thanks a million!

anil, 25th September 2009

primary school in london just looking for handwriting lines and you came up on google, and oh my gosh, what an amazing website, you should be at the top,be out there and spread the word, thank you , an amazing website,, wish i knew a year ago,,, i am only a teaching assistant, but what great website thank you again...

J Perry, 25th September 2009

this site is excellent!!!

Jessica, 24th September 2009

What a wonderful resource! Thank you! I do hope you will consider an additional option for the Cracker Jack Wheel. The ability to have only one gap and to have all of the solutions correct would be awesome. I just spent a very frustrating hour trying to recreate it with those specifications for my son and finally gave up because mine was a mess compared to your professional-looking ones!

Anonymous, 24th September 2009

This is an amazing tool that I am glad to have stumbled upon. It is an amazing site with loads of possibilities, especially for beginning teachers.

Anonymous, 23rd September 2009

need more shapes

Anonymous, 22nd September 2009

thanking you very much as a home educator your site is worth its weight in gold

Sally Murphy, 20th September 2009

WOW!!Will definately pass this on...

MLM, 19th September 2009

What a great tool that you've put together and shared for us all to use, it helps sooooo very much, and so user friendly. This type of resource is VERY helpful, I WILL SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!!!

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