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Anonymous, 6th October 2009

This is a great site, the resources sre fab !!!!

Anonymous, 5th October 2009

I really liked the Cracker Jack Wheel until I discovered the "red herring" wrong answers. Is there any way to print this without the wrong answers?

andrea, 5th October 2009

fantastic it will surely make some of my students smile (and Behave)

mrs smith, 4th October 2009

This is an amazing web site and will be brilliant for my SEN children. Keep up the good work!

Jackie, 3rd October 2009

Thank you for a wonderful resource!

home-school mum, 30th September 2009

thank you for this site... the handwriting resources are fab!

Anonymous, 29th September 2009

Could you update the money game so add 2, 5 and 10. It's impossible for an adult to win the game of making 44.43 by pressing the 1 key 44 times, etc. Great website though!!!

Pam USA, 28th September 2009

Love your site! I am a Speech Language Pathologist and use it all of the time!

Mel - Dublin, 28th September 2009

This is the most amazing website....have a daughter with special needs and always seem to be forking out lots of money on educational tools .... to find this website will make all the difference!! Well done and thanks a million!

anil, 25th September 2009

primary school in london just looking for handwriting lines and you came up on google, and oh my gosh, what an amazing website, you should be at the top,be out there and spread the word, thank you , an amazing website,, wish i knew a year ago,,, i am only a teaching assistant, but what great website thank you again...

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