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Carolina Ospina, 10th November 2009

This is the best website I have seen for printables, everything is clear, great flash cards!

Anonymous, 10th November 2009

Thank you! this is a very useful site!

Anonymous, 10th November 2009

what a fantastic site ive shown it to everyone

Anonymous, 10th November 2009

Thanks you for the alphabet cards but penguin has been wrongly spelt. Any chance of changing it?

Its been there for 3 years too! Corrected now. Thanks.

Anonymous, 9th November 2009

How wonderful this website is. I simply love it. Many, MANY thanks to you! I visit this website every week. The worksheets are great for all ages, and some also give challenges! I also love the nets on here. They give challenges. I took an hour or more just to make a dodecahedron!

Anonymous, 8th November 2009

I have just came on Sen Teacher again. It's so great, I can't stop coming! I love the printables that you can print off. They are very helpful. My students also find nets for their math, and they simply love them. I will come back very, VERY soon, and so will my students!

speckledegg, 8th November 2009

Thank you so much

Anonymous, 8th November 2009

Love, love, love this site! The "I have Who has" generator is fabulous. I use it on a weekly basis. Thank you so much for the hard work you've done!

Jo, 6th November 2009

nice nets

Alan Green, 5th November 2009

What a great site! So much really useful stuff on it. Many thanks to you for the work you must have put into it. I shall be a regular visitor and be recommending it to colleagues in school.

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