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kitlose, 23rd November 2009

Such a wonderful site ! Thank you very much indeed ....

Emma, 22nd November 2009

hi, wonderful website, great for game progects, and lots more thankyou!

Unknown, 22nd November 2009

Wonderful. Spectacular. Magnificent. Great. Good. Amazing. All of the words you can find in a thesaurus when you search up the word wonderful should be posted up here!

sajith, 22nd November 2009

this is great thank you

Nancy, 20th November 2009

Great site with lots of resources. Is there any way you could possibly add a word scramble or word search to this site?

Aleesha, 19th November 2009

This is great. We had to do a 3D shape net for school and this was quick and easy to use!

Emily, 19th November 2009

this is great thankyou

Jenna , 18th November 2009

Thank you thank you thank you from California!

Angela Bannister, 18th November 2009

Great resource very quick and easy to use! When time is at a premium these days.

Anonymous, 17th November 2009

Brilliant Resources Thank you

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