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Teaching Assistant, 4th January 2010

i have just found your website. it looks really good. i normally make my resources but know it will take me less time as you can make them age and ability apporpiate. thanke you once again, i wil use this alot know that i have found you.

Anonymous, 29th December 2009

this website is GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous, 27th December 2009

Just wanted to say thank you for your generosity. I am a student teacher about to embark on my final placement. Your site has saved me some sleep time. Previously I have sat up till all hours creating similar resources when they were here all along! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous, 19th December 2009

Thank you, my classroom uses this a lot!

Janne, 11th December 2009

Thank you for an excellent set of tools and links! Best regards and merry Christmas from Finland! Janne, English teacher

Anonymous, 8th December 2009

Only just found this site - it's wonderful. I'm a trainee teacher and hate using the same old worksheets that crop up time after time so I'm always looking for something different. The printables are great, and the whole site gives inspiration.

Dr. Francisco Dalapo, 8th December 2009

Thank you for your generosity. Your site is very useful to all teachers and students as well. Keep up. More Power!

Third_Hunter, 7th December 2009

What a treasure of printables. I have turned on my fellow co-workers onto this site and they also love it. Thanks so much for this fantasic website. I work with individuals with mental retardation and these worksheets help them and well as myself. Thank you again.

Debbie, 2nd December 2009

Love your site Have used it before to download certificates--- Can't get them any more ---Have you taken them off ? Thanks!!!

Tracy, 2nd December 2009

Thank you soo much for a wonderful site - it has been a lifesaver time and again!

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