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Amy, 15th January 2010

thanks heaps for all your nets of solids! will be heaps useful for me in teaching!! Amazing useful website

Trina, 15th January 2010

Thank you for all the great help!

B.E.B, 14th January 2010

Thank you, I found what I needed to finish my project.

Annette, 13th January 2010

Fantastic. Found some fans instead of paying 17 for them, and I could make my own. Thank you so much for such a useful resource.

G.M.M., 13th January 2010

Thank you. What alot of useful things.

J.K.M., 12th January 2010

What a wonderful website. Thank you for great ideas and useful resources. I am a New York City teacher, special education and will look forward to returning to your website often.

Anonymous, 12th January 2010

i really like this site i have gave almost 20 of these to my mom and dad and my teachers and they love them and ask me how i make them

stephanie gallan, 9th January 2010


gwyneth Pocock, 6th January 2010

I am a primary teacher, but have recently got a job in a secondary unit. I'm working very hard but finding the jump tough. Teaching maths exclusively is a challenge and I have found your rescources a boon, and am very grateful. As you can imagine, although focus has to be low ability - they also have to be age appropriate. Again, many thanks.

Anonymous, 6th January 2010


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