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Annette, 13th January 2010

Fantastic. Found some fans instead of paying 17 for them, and I could make my own. Thank you so much for such a useful resource.

G.M.M., 13th January 2010

Thank you. What alot of useful things.

J.K.M., 12th January 2010

What a wonderful website. Thank you for great ideas and useful resources. I am a New York City teacher, special education and will look forward to returning to your website often.

Anonymous, 12th January 2010

i really like this site i have gave almost 20 of these to my mom and dad and my teachers and they love them and ask me how i make them

stephanie gallan, 9th January 2010


gwyneth Pocock, 6th January 2010

I am a primary teacher, but have recently got a job in a secondary unit. I'm working very hard but finding the jump tough. Teaching maths exclusively is a challenge and I have found your rescources a boon, and am very grateful. As you can imagine, although focus has to be low ability - they also have to be age appropriate. Again, many thanks.

Anonymous, 6th January 2010


Teaching Assistant, 4th January 2010

i have just found your website. it looks really good. i normally make my resources but know it will take me less time as you can make them age and ability apporpiate. thanke you once again, i wil use this alot know that i have found you.

Anonymous, 29th December 2009

this website is GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous, 27th December 2009

Just wanted to say thank you for your generosity. I am a student teacher about to embark on my final placement. Your site has saved me some sleep time. Previously I have sat up till all hours creating similar resources when they were here all along! Thank you for sharing.

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