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Anonymous, 11th March 2010


Anonymous, 10th March 2010

I am currently making a math wall at my school. I enjoyed looking through your site and found many usefully items. The 3 dimensional nets are awesome. I plan to share your site with other elementary teachers.

Anonymous, 10th March 2010

well done chaps

Kumari, 8th March 2010

Really good website it has been really useful to me. I wanted to explain place value to some children however, I am having issues printing the 'tens' place value cards. For some reasons the print out defaults to base 2 graphs. Can anyone help please.

You found a bug! This has been fixed now, thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous, 8th March 2010

SENteacher,org is a really good place to find lots of things to use in class

Christiene, 7th March 2010

Thank you for providing this excellent site. I have just commenced a course of study in Education and was referred to your site by a friend. Wow what a gift!!!! You have already helped me out so much, I look forward to recommending your site to many of my class mates. I do have one request though, under your maths printables if the opportunity presents, could you please put some work sheets for Australian Currency or an option to change to it? Thanks again. Just love the site. regards Christiene

cubbbie, 7th March 2010

i like this website alot and i have being going on this website for months to teach my pupils

tash, 7th March 2010


Anonymous, 3rd March 2010

Just stumbled across this website and it is fantastic. I will be recommending it to my colleagues tomorrow!

Scott, 1st March 2010

Great site, thanks! Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School Savoonga, Alaska Bering Strait School District

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