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Marlys, 4th August 2015

Wonderful resource for generating flashcards and worksheets

moshidi, 3rd August 2015

excellent resources

maizura, 22nd June 2015

It helps me with a child with autism in my class.

Martha, 14th June 2015

love this site

Wendy Leak, 14th June 2015

Resources look fab

Anonymous, 10th June 2015

Brilliant, a great help for worksheets on money

Janie, 20th April 2015


Anonymous, 18th March 2015


Anonymous, 4th March 2015

Love this

Nina, 1st March 2015

The maths printables are great. Would you consider making a grid that goes up to 200 with blanks to complete Ie similar to the 100 square already on the site, still arranged in rows of 10 so it would be a 200 oblong, rather than a 200 square

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