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Katie, 31st March 2010

This website is really nice to have because it's nice to keep for resources...thank you!

Clair, 31st March 2010

Just logged on for the first time. What a fab site, thank you this is going to prove very useful.

Anonymous, 29th March 2010

Thank you for this excellent site. I am teaching SEN pupils in Ireland so would love the Euro sign for teaching money. Keep up the good work - thanks!

Debra Adams, 28th March 2010

I just found out about this site! I am excited! Thanks.

Anonymous, 27th March 2010

This is an amazing website to teach kids the value of money.

Anonymous, 26th March 2010

This is a wonderful SEN resources I am working with SEN children and find this site brilliant. Thank you so much for making this site so easy to use.

Keyra Hunter, 26th March 2010

This site is a great resource to have!

Green, 24th March 2010

Thank you for this website! This site is awesome! Thank you thank you!

Clarke, 23rd March 2010

Thank you for your website. I only found it this morning and already have printed and laminated some of the activities. What a great resource for busy teachers!

Anonymous, 23rd March 2010

Excellent site

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