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Ara95, 16th April 2010

Thank you for this really nice website. :)

Anonymous, 15th April 2010

I Love this Website

Anonymous, 8th April 2010

i think this site is a very good site for kids that are in primary year they teach and also help kids this age i recomend this site to every primary child[s]

m forshaw, 7th April 2010

this web site is fantastic for school resource ideas.

Emily , 5th April 2010

fantastic website!!!! very practical resources, that more often than not, you have to pay for. i work with children with Autism, and i wish i had found your website earlier!!!

Tom, 1st April 2010

Thank you for this wonderful web site and its resources. My nephew suffers from Cerebal Palsy and these learning resources will be a great aide for him, his parents, and his teachers.

caitlin, 1st April 2010

thank you for the lovely website you all of us it helps a lot already i am very pleased having the website is fun lets try and get some more bye now

Katie, 31st March 2010

This website is really nice to have because it's nice to keep for resources...thank you!

Clair, 31st March 2010

Just logged on for the first time. What a fab site, thank you this is going to prove very useful.

Anonymous, 29th March 2010

Thank you for this excellent site. I am teaching SEN pupils in Ireland so would love the Euro sign for teaching money. Keep up the good work - thanks!

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