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Anthony Hardwicke, 5th May 2010

I'd like to produce some similar applets to your Skeleton Labelling activity, to use in a Virtual Learning Environment. What software did you use to produce it?

It was done in Flash 4 - about 9 years ago!

Abigail, 3rd May 2010

Hey I love this website!

Juliet C, 2nd May 2010

WOW.My twin nieces are really struggling to write and have a nasty Grade one teacher,so this resource is amazing. Thank you

christi, 29th April 2010

thank you so very much!!!!! great website.... just sent the link out to the entire staff

Anonymous, 28th April 2010

This is site is wonderful. Full of very useful resources at your fingertips. Unfortunately the 'Cracker Jack Wheels' sums are wrong so check before you print and use!

Thanks for your feedback...although the idea with the crackerjack wheel is that you need to keep turning it until all the answers revealed are correct - there's only one such position for each wheel which is shown on the top-right of page.

Miss Chavda, 28th April 2010

great website! so easy to use and easy to print everything!

Anonymous, 28th April 2010

This is a great site!!

Ms Anna , 28th April 2010

Great website!!I've got a presentation to do about dyslexia and the site has helped me massively. And not only that!!I will use some of the ideas to my dyslexic students

Kim, 26th April 2010

This is a wonderful site!!!!

Ally, 26th April 2010

Im a tutor and i find this site brilliant, especially with my students who are the ages of 16 to 18

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