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DC, 20th May 2010

THIS IS AN AMAZING SITE!!! Thank you soo much for making it freely available, the adaptable certificate function is sooo easy with sooo many choices, and that's only the beginning. Sorry to be all gushy! But my goodness - its awesome!

Doreen G, 19th May 2010

Am a tutor working in college with student Teaching Assistants and they have been really inspired by the range of downloads available and have found the links to quality information really useful. Thank you.

Elise Bruce, 18th May 2010

tux paint is fabulous

Anonymous, 17th May 2010

this is a fantastic site thank u very much saved a lot of time looking else were

Anonymous, 17th May 2010

This site is outstanding. I am an educational math consultant, and I will be sharing this website with groups of teachers throughout the USA!

Anonymous, 11th May 2010

This is a fantastic website. I work at a pre-school and the pre-writing skill worksheets are popular with both children and parents.

Donna Thompson, 11th May 2010

fab site this was very useful in my first year working with young people who have EBD.

Anonymous, 11th May 2010

Love the site

Arti TA, 9th May 2010

I was looking for some alphabet prints and BINGO I found this site. Thank you SO MUCH for making our live easier!!!

Sasa, 7th May 2010

It's really time saving. Thank you. How to save the printable that made by myself?

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