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Edna, 30th May 2010

Love this site. I'll be sharing this information at workshops this summer. Kudos to you all. Thanks for a job very well done.

nita nichols, 30th May 2010

Thank you for this wonderful recourse, creating resources can be so time consuming and you have made it so much easier enabling me to have time for other aspects of my teaching and home life

pravin, 30th May 2010

very nice and help full link....

, 29th May 2010

I just discovered this site. Fantastic!

sariah, 27th May 2010

this is my first year doing sen work and this site is fab so thank you very much for all the resources!!!!!!

Perla, 27th May 2010

Thanks for let me get worksheets and thank you for do this page. Is helpfuul to me how teacher. thanks again.

Anonymous, 26th May 2010

Please add hexagonal pyramid to 'Printables'. :)

Added one this evening.

Pariksha, 25th May 2010

This website has been really really helpful Thankyou

Ann McCann, 25th May 2010

I never thought i would find a really good certificate site Thankyou.

Anonymous, 24th May 2010

Fantastic site - so many resources which I am now using regularly! Thank you

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