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Cathy, 16th June 2010

This was the best site to make certificates for my grandsons class graduation from Pre-school. What a way to keep the excitement up for their first day of school. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Mrs. B, 13th June 2010

Thank-you so much for your website!!!!!!!!! I needed new ideas and you opened a whole new door for me :-)

Nikki, 12th June 2010

This is one of the most comprehensive teacher friendly sites I have come across. I love the fact I can create my own worksheets and activities depending on the needs of my students. Keep up the great work.

J, 9th June 2010

I love your arimethic maker... so useful for addition and subtraction worksheets! Any chance you could do a multiplication and division one? Oprions for single digits, 2 digit by 1 digit and 2 by 2 digit would be sooooo useful.

Anonymous, 8th June 2010

These are great resources congratulation it is a great site

student in a school, 7th June 2010

my teacher told me about this site in school and our class (24 kids) made all of the shapes.

Sharon B, 4th June 2010

We are non profit therapeutic care program serving infants through aging adults. Would it be appropriate for us to use the downloadable software and printables for our program?

Yes - everything from SEN Teacher is licensed under Creative Commons, basically you are free to do anything you like with it except sell it. If you click the grey CC icon at the base of the pages, there is a formal license to this effect.

Holly, 1st June 2010

I love this website! I am a special ed teacher and could/will use these great tools/printables.

Nina, 31st May 2010

Your web site is wonderful! It is nice to find a site that wants the best for children. I will share this site with others.I will be using many of your printables in my classroom.

Anonymous, 31st May 2010

when i first found this website i was so amazed at the things it does and now i can use if for school the kids love it and so do i.I also tell the chidren if they keep up the good work they will get something for a reward.I also love the worksheets to very well done

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