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Ronda, 6th July 2010

Absolutely LOVE your site!! What a gem for teachers and parents alike!! Thanks so much for all you do!! Ronda

Anonymous, 6th July 2010

This website is amazing. Thank you so much. I am a teacher and in kindegarten i give awards out every week since i found out about this site. this has made my life easier. Once again Thank You SO Much!!!!

Anonymous, 5th July 2010

Simply amazing!!! I will have to share this!!!

Susana Gonzalez, 4th July 2010

What a wonderful site. Better impossible, only you. IŽve spent 5 hours watching all the pictures. Why didnŽt I find you before?... Congratulations. IŽll use it from now on. Thanks....

Catherine Andrew, 4th July 2010

This is the BEST site, by far, that I have found, to help me engage my students. I can custom make my resources without having to be a computer genius. It is so simple. Thank you so much for making my life easier. :-)

Anonymous, 4th July 2010

abs fab site

cheryl, 1st July 2010

this is the best any one could possibly do to show humanity to our brothers and sisters who are in one way or another challenged. kudos.

Anonymous, 29th June 2010


Madison Osborne, 28th June 2010

I love this website and I can use it almost every day

Nina Jackson, 27th June 2010

An amazing site full of superb articles, links, definitions etc. Very well structured and an essential site for ANY school,teacher, as well as parents. Thank you.

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