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Teresa Esterby, 13th August 2010

This website is fantastic!! I'm so glad that I found it. I'm a student at GCU and I'm going to tell the whole class about it.

Marion, 13th August 2010

Thanks for a great site! But I have noticed that the Print Literacy Connectives Completed Sets 2 & 3 have the incorrect its (possessive) instead of it's (it is).

Johnathon, 12th August 2010

Thank you for this site. :-)

Marcy, 9th August 2010

Great tools to help parents to teach our children! Exelent material. I haven't find anyting like this any were alse. Now I don neet to keep searching, I'll save this web page on my favorites. Thank you to all that make this posible.

Rosie, 6th August 2010

This is the most wonderful and useful site I have seen. No hype, no fanfare, just useful ideas for a harried teacher in Tasmania, Australia. I have passed the site address to teachers at my school and they have all been amazed. Thank you all!

Jamai, 2nd August 2010

great site for little ones from 2002 till 2010!!

sande, 31st July 2010

As a student teacher, finding this site has made it so much easier to fill the gaps.THANK YOU!

Irv Miller, 30th July 2010

I live in a retirement community and run an in-house pool league. I use your certificates to present to the weekly winners and runer-ups. They(the certificates) have been a huge success. The most sophistcated gentelmen compete very hard to get one. I believe some even have framed them.. Thank you very much for making our days left fun. Irv Miller

Peggy Carmichael, 28th July 2010

Hi all, I am the principal of a school in New Zealand and find the resources in this sight very useful. I use them for my junior children. Thank you for providing them free.

Anonymous, 21st July 2010

I really like the resources on the website. The 'Printables' section has a rich bank of goodies which could aid your work and children. Thank you.

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