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johnny, 30th August 2010

excellent site. my sen students LOVED the certificates!!

Sharon, 30th August 2010

What a brilliant site! I love the handwriting app. Could you please add sassoon to it - it has the odd 'f' with a tail - it's there in the dotted font, but not there for normal practice. Keep up the good work - you're a life saver!

Anonymous, 27th August 2010


Anonymous, 25th August 2010

Some websites make me think, "this site is in keeping with the original spirit of the internet" - and this is one of those sites.

Amy, 22nd August 2010

Hi there, I am about to enter my final year as an SLT student and am beginning to brainstorm ideas for my final year project (equivalent to a dissertation). I am considering developing a training package for NQTs in how to adapt the communication for children with a statement of speech/language/communication needs. As part of the literature review, I need to look at documents which might include figures of how many children are estimated to have such needs in mainstream primary/secondary schools, as well as how much experience an NQT is required to have with SEN (in my institution, I am aware that student primary teachers only have one term based around SEN). If anyone has any suggestions where I can find such information, please contact me :) Also, feel free to suggest what you found helpful as an NQT in an SEN setting/felt that you required more support with :) thankyou!

Tracy, 19th August 2010

I'm looking for careers based resources/books to put in the college library for 18 - 25 yrs with a range of moderate to severe learning difficulties. Could anybody send me some ideas, good sites etc please? I have also seen this site as a 'godsend' & used the clocks worksheets in particular within my careers focused sessions I do in partnership with the college.

Mic, 18th August 2010

Thank goodness for the updated look on your website, it so needed a facelift. The resources have always been great and have always recommended it to others, but the old look was so tired I am really pleased you have refreshed it! Congrats to all involved.

School Teacher, 15th August 2010

I stumbled upon this website when I was browsing for materials for my lessons. This is the most wonderful site so far. My pupils benefitted a great deal from the resources I picked for my lessons. This site has also made my life as a teacher so much easier! Thank you so much. I look forward to more updates. :)

free game to play, 14th August 2010

Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work

Pat , 14th August 2010

Amazing website. Thank you so much.

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