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Rhona Wishart, 4th October 2010

Oh at last, i've found a website that offers me free quality printables to help my 4 year old autistic Grandson. I love the resources. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Brilliant site.

Evelyn, 3rd October 2010

what a great site! wish i have found it long ago!

Ethan Rozanic, 29th September 2010


Aloj, 29th September 2010

hi, i would like to ask permission to print the nets of 3D models for my class would be of great help for them to visualize the concept of solids and its nets... thank you so much. glad to hear from u soon.

Anonymous, 29th September 2010


Anonymous, 28th September 2010

I am just going back into being a teaching assistant, and this site has been upgraded, well done it is a wonderful informative site with so many resources and helpful links.Thank you.

sHIRLEY rODGERS, 27th September 2010

This is such a wonderful site, thank you! I use it for help with ideas for younger children as well as older children who need support. As a supply teacher it means I always have a good selection of levelled work or games and activities in my briefcase.

Anonymous, 27th September 2010

I am a homeschooling mother of two special needs children and I have found this site really useful. I keep finding myself coming back and using it for everything that we do.

Lyndsay, 27th September 2010

first time used the site, its very god and will use again 10/10 THANK YOU

Anonymous, 27th September 2010

Wonderful site.

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