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Mrs J Tedder - Maths AST, 14th October 2010

Found your 3-D shape nets via Google. What an excellent free resource for my SEN Y8 class. I will be looking to see what else you've got here. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous, 12th October 2010

this is a awesome site because it helps me with making 3D shapes at home

Brandon, 12th October 2010

This website is the best i have found. :)

chris, 11th October 2010

i am a trainee teacher in the life long learning sector and i would like to learn more about dispraxia.

Anonymous, 9th October 2010

Well done, at last I can access free materials to help! many thanks!

Anonymous, 8th October 2010

This is amazing - thank you so much.

Anonymous, 8th October 2010

It is o.k. for children.

Iris, 7th October 2010

Great printables!

Leela, 7th October 2010

Very very very helpful. Am new to teaching learning deficiency ESL adults. Your free printables are just what I've been looking for. Thanks a lot. Great job!

Anonymous, 5th October 2010

Great and thank you from Spain.

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