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Jemimah, 30th October 2010

I use this website for my cousin Tammie and it is brilliant it works PERFECTLY!!!!!

Anonymous, 29th October 2010

I am using these tools to help with my gifted child.

Nicki Chapman, 29th October 2010

This is a fab web site, thank you. I'm a carer for 3 young men and it has helped me so much, its now in my favorite list. Thank you, thank you

Judith, 29th October 2010

i use this site for creating worksheets for the special needs students i work with. It's fantastic. Many thanks.

Donna, 26th October 2010

Thank you for so many easy-to-use tools! I have shared with fellow teachers, and they tell me this is one of their favorite websites!! I use it every week.

tantri, 25th October 2010

Thank you help me a lot in planning and teaching, esp for my special needs students,,,thanks

Amber Kelps, 25th October 2010

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

Venessa, 24th October 2010

Thanks so much!! Awesome website! Using this to assist Arabic speaking mothers to help their children in grades 1 - 3.

JJ, 24th October 2010

I have been using the AAC photo cards to make resources for teachg english as an additional language. It is so easy to use and the cards are very good quality. Thank you very much.

Anonymous, 23rd October 2010

Your skeleton prints too light. You should change it to a darker color.

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