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Miss Wolly, 21st January 2011

This is such a great resourse for my class! Thanks for all the help!

Miss Barnes , 17th January 2011

resources here are excellent and really help the child i support. thank you very much! LOVE IT!!! xx

Miss Mary, 17th January 2011

Thank you! This is my first time to the site looks verygood and it is very informative looking forward to enjoying a new found friend for the children who will benefit from this site. Again thank you so much it was needed.

Tiffany, 16th January 2011

Thank you! Your resources are easily modifiable and I can quickly prepare lessons for various student levels. Love it!

Miss Colleen, 14th January 2011

Where have you been! This is a totally awesome site. Thank you for the time that you have put in to it. You are really helping by allowing us this site for free. My children have really benifitted. I love being able to print a word and find wonderful pictures to match.

Miss Glenda, 9th January 2011

Great practical and are doing a great service to those who work with special needs students (and others as well) and are always in search of "whatever works..use it"..glad I found this site.Keep up the great're providing a great benefit to humanity.

zureen, 6th January 2011

Thank you so much. This website really helped with preparing pre-writing activities for my young ones.

fabrice urbaniak, 5th January 2011

Congratulations for your incredible work! I was amazed by your english learning software!

Anonymous, 21st December 2010

What a fantastic site. I love the way you can create the printables to suit your own needs.

Anonymous, 21st December 2010

can you get the faces off the cube?

You can print blank cubes with the Nets/3D shape printable...

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