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Althea, 16th February 2011

Thank you for putting the time and effort into creating a great resource for FREE. I will definitely use it and share it with friends.

Tressa, 16th February 2011

this site is so amazing, I just stumbled on it by accident and so glad I did Thankyou

Anonymous, 15th February 2011

Thank you for the great site. It has been very helpful.

Anonymous, 14th February 2011

I came across your site while looking for 100 charts and 1000 charts. It's a great site. I'm sharing it with my daughter. She is currently in college for Special Ed. certification.

Jo, 13th February 2011

My student teachers are going to love this site! Thankyou.

millie, 12th February 2011

i love this!

H, 11th February 2011

FAB site! Love it. Use it lots! Thank you for making my life easier!

Anonymous, 10th February 2011


Debbie, 6th February 2011

I think this site is wonderful. I wondered whether it would be possible to include 3 letters in the 'letter mash' worksheet. I am teaching 'igh' tomorrow and this would have been fantastic for the children. Many thanks

Anonymous, 6th February 2011

thanks this site has saved so much time!!

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