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interested person, 12th March 2011

very very helpful, great resources, loved it loved it loved it

Miss B, 12th March 2011

Fantastic time resources - I just wish that the random generator stopped giving the same times on the same sheets! :)

khadijh hussain , 11th March 2011

It is very easy for teachers and children

loubie, 10th March 2011

A wonderful resource tool which I have introduced to all my colleagues. Thank you

Ms. Aiani, 10th March 2011

This is such a great resource for teachers! Easy to use and nothing to join! Thank you so very much!

Miss R Howells, 9th March 2011

great resource love it

Pippin, 8th March 2011

Fantastic resources - brilliant that I can edit and customise for my pupils' needs. Well done!!!

Anonymous, 7th March 2011

Brilliant resource, thank you

Anonymous, 3rd March 2011

I'm an SEN teacher in New Zealand. This is a fantastic resource that saves so much time. The dominoes games and word cards are great. Thanks.

SWARABARNA, 1st March 2011

fantastic, makes teaching life a lot easier ! thanks

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