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Miss JR, 15th March 2011


Anonymous, 15th March 2011

Thank you ! You've been great help for me . I have to prepare a demonstrative lesson and I found a lot of ideas and materials.

Nick Weiland, 15th March 2011

I love the many, many resources you provide. Thanks. You might want to include my agency: OCALI - Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence. Tons of resources for educators and families regarding autism, low-incidence disabilities and assistive technology. Check it out: OCALI

Marie A , 13th March 2011

What a great site. Loads of fantastic ideas. Such a help to a stressed out SEN teacher!

Anonymous, 13th March 2011

what a great site

Angule from Kenya, 12th March 2011

Just what i have been looking for

Danina, 12th March 2011

this website is well easy to use specially the pecs bit. we use the pecs a lot so its fanstastic that!

interested person, 12th March 2011

very very helpful, great resources, loved it loved it loved it

Miss B, 12th March 2011

Fantastic time resources - I just wish that the random generator stopped giving the same times on the same sheets! :)

khadijh hussain , 11th March 2011

It is very easy for teachers and children

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