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Annette L, 18th March 2011

Thank you for such a good site. It is very helpful to home schoolers.

Anonymous, 16th March 2011

A very good website. I agree though that the random time sheet generator is a bit annoying when the same times appear on the one sheet no matter how many times I try!

Will look at this next update....for the hours it should just be changing the order of display since there are only 12 questions.

Rikki Chadwick, 15th March 2011

really good and useful thanks :)

Miss JR, 15th March 2011


Anonymous, 15th March 2011

Thank you ! You've been great help for me . I have to prepare a demonstrative lesson and I found a lot of ideas and materials.

Nick Weiland, 15th March 2011

I love the many, many resources you provide. Thanks. You might want to include my agency: OCALI - Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence. Tons of resources for educators and families regarding autism, low-incidence disabilities and assistive technology. Check it out: OCALI

Marie A , 13th March 2011

What a great site. Loads of fantastic ideas. Such a help to a stressed out SEN teacher!

Anonymous, 13th March 2011

what a great site

Angule from Kenya, 12th March 2011

Just what i have been looking for

Danina, 12th March 2011

this website is well easy to use specially the pecs bit. we use the pecs a lot so its fanstastic that!

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