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Ann, 23rd March 2011

I work with a blind child and have just come across the Nets for prism on this site. Big and bold- perfect!

Anonymous, 22nd March 2011

Didn't have what I want'd.

Sorry for this. Always happy to receive suggestions for new content, particularly if its a resource that fills a gap.

Cheryl, 22nd March 2011

I made certificates for a school contest and put their pictures onto the certificates. It was so awesome. Thanks for a wonderful site. I use it so often and have shared it with many others.

su, 21st March 2011

This website absolutely ROCKS! Thankyou

CLASSAID, 21st March 2011

Just to let you know that we are featuring your website as our 'website of the month' this month to all the schools that subscribe to the Learning Bulletin as we think it such a useful resource! Well done on some great materials, useful for ALL teachers, not just SEN.

Thankyou kindly!

Sharon Longino, 20th March 2011

This site is very helpful. Thank you so much.

Anonymous, 19th March 2011

I love this website its so cool

Annette L, 18th March 2011

Thank you for such a good site. It is very helpful to home schoolers.

Anonymous, 16th March 2011

A very good website. I agree though that the random time sheet generator is a bit annoying when the same times appear on the one sheet no matter how many times I try!

Will look at this next update....for the hours it should just be changing the order of display since there are only 12 questions.

Rikki Chadwick, 15th March 2011

really good and useful thanks :)

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