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Emma Wright, 17th April 2011

Wonderful Website! Fantastic 3D Shape Nets!

Emma, 13th April 2011

fantastic site, has helped me work better with a group of people who have learning diabilities, we have a social enterprise and the money worksheets have been a god send, thanks.

Anonymous, 12th April 2011

Love your website!!! It is great!!! Thanks for what you have done!!!

Chris, 8th April 2011

This website has been my saving grace.

Anonymous, 5th April 2011

Love this website!!!

Margaret, 3rd April 2011

Looked at your site because I know a new pupil for September 2011 and I was curious to know more about you! Very impressed, a useful site. As a recently retired Director of Inclusion/Senco admittedly at a large secondary school in Suffolk it is very child and parent friendly - well done!

kmordue, 31st March 2011

This is a wonderful and user friendly site for schools

Anonymous, 31st March 2011

sen teacher rocks!

Anonymous, 30th March 2011

This website is great!

Donna, 27th March 2011

Many many thanks. This website is fantastic. I found everything I needed.

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