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Amy , 12th May 2011

this is a fun website but i wish there was more certificates

IS teacher, 10th May 2011

Thank you for your website.

Charlotte, 10th May 2011

I was looking for a number square up to 200 for my daughter and was happy to find I could print so easily from your site. I have saved this to my favourites for future use! Thank you :)

Anonymous, 10th May 2011

This website helped me find the 3 dimensional shapes I needed!!!:)

goldfishka, 8th May 2011

Really helpful!

Sue Steele, 8th May 2011

Found you by chance - I am so pleased I did. Your aids will not only help me to help my son but he will have great fun using the resources to learn other ways of doing difficult things.

Adele, 6th May 2011

I was looking for free net patterns and came across your site... What a great resource site to stumble across. I teach ESL to adults with limited education(s), so will be visiting your site more often now I've found it! Many thanks, and cheers

Dannie, 6th May 2011

I like it, found what I was looking for It is so easy Thank you

Anonymous, 3rd May 2011

Great Website!

EB, 28th April 2011

Thank you so much - really great service for myself as a trainee teacher.

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