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Anonymous, 10th June 2011

I normally love using your site- such lovely resouces! There seems to be a technical problem in the certificate page as it appears to be have missing letters on the actual certificate :(

Hi, thanks for this - the problem affects a couple of the font choices, it will be fixed soon!

willie oliphant, 10th June 2011

used your site for years . it's great! unfortunately now it will not print out the complete certificate. only the borders ! any ideas as to whats wrong ?

Hmm. This isn't an issue I've come across. Try upgrading your Flash player [or switching to Google's Chrome browser]

Aldo A. Pedreschi, 10th June 2011

Great Downloads and Links

Ann, 9th June 2011

Wow! What a great site. I'll DEFINITELY be coming back on here. It will save me so much time! :-)

Howard, 7th June 2011

Wow - what a great support site - it does what it says on the tin! I've already posted link to all my colleagues.

HANNA, 7th June 2011

love it

Anonymous, 7th June 2011

Really good site! Now I can do certificates for who I want. Only thing is.... try to put some new different certificates. Other colors and frames. But, it is great! Thank you!

This printable is being updated at the moment - there will be a larger choice of images and the ability to save certificates in the new release

Melissa, 3rd June 2011

I just wanted to say that I work with a variety of children with various difficulties, I love the worksheets provided on this site - they are helpful and kept plain - something very important - too much on a page can frighten a child struggling to read, or who has visual perception problems! So thank you - I will definitely be sharing this site!

Wayne Phillips, 31st May 2011

Site is great, but do you have to have a photo of McDonald's products on your AAC meals card?

Sharon Page, 23rd May 2011

Thank you for the free resources they will be very helpful

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