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Sarah, 22nd June 2011

Have used your resources several times before and have just passed on your good work to other teachers in school. BIG THANK YOU!!!

Alfred, 22nd June 2011

Beautiful site. I am a grandfather of an 18 month old and a mathematics enthusiast.

KindeRocks, 21st June 2011

I came across this site on an internet (google) search when looking for "I have_Who Has?" cards/templates. I am SO EXCITED about this site! It has so many templates to use in the classroom and the best part...ITS FREE!!! I especailly like the 'real life' facial images and expressions. I will be using this site throughout the school and passing it on to my fellow teachers...and even my sons' teachers ;-)! Thanks so much

venessa, 18th June 2011

I love the certificate template. However I can't seem to upload the photo I've selected. I'm being told the file name is too long. Any ideas what I can do? I've already renamed them. They're jpeg by the way. Love the website!

Make sure there are no spaces or unusual characters like question marks in the name

ANNE FARLEY, 18th June 2011


Anonymous, 17th June 2011

So glad I've found this website, I'm a TA working with SEN kids and from what I've seen so far there are some amazing resources yay!

Flamey, 15th June 2011

This is an absolutely fantastic site, as the mother of a homeschooled son who is dyslexic, the worksheets on here have helped no end in helping my sons reading and writing.

brandi, 14th June 2011

Great site!!! I wish there was a way to save the certificates after I edit them. So I can print at home to a color printer.

Coming Soon....

Pippi, 12th June 2011

I feel like saying 'where have you been all my life?' I love your resources and teaching within a nurture setting, with a range of abilities, the worksheets are so accessible for all. Thank you.

Jacinta, 11th June 2011

This site is fantastic. I am a preservice teacher and its refreshing to have a site that doesn't make you pay for resoures

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