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Mrs Carter, 15th July 2011

Very sorry to see your editible drawer labels have disappeared from your website. Any chance they can be brought back or can you suggest where I can find similar. Thank you
Hi, they've not disappeared, just been upgraded in fact. See Name Label Maker - you may need to update your Flash player to see them, follow the link which appears instead if so.

Janine Owen, 14th July 2011

Great website - used the label printer for my school disco tickets - fabulous

Sandra E. Jacobs, 11th July 2011

What an awesome website. The teachers in my district, use your website all the time. The students in SAISD are extremely grateful for all the materials your website provides that they can use in class.

Claire Catinot, 7th July 2011

Great website and will be a huge resource for my colleagues and I from now on. Well done.

Anonymous, 6th July 2011

Thank you for all your work! I love to use the worksheets for my special needs students. Is there any way you could include Canadian currency? I am from Canada and finding Canadian money worksheets is a challenge.

Anonymous, 5th July 2011

Brilliant website. So many options for SEN and non-SEN children. Thank you!

martin, 1st July 2011

A very good well thought out and useful site.

Cath Down, 30th June 2011

I was pointed towards your site for the wordsearch generator (all others used the times font a which is no use for EYFS!) but on having a browse I have found so many other useful activities both to extend my bright EYFS in a format suitable for them and to support some of my other SEN children. Thank you!!

Dominique O'Brien, 27th June 2011

This website is a fantastic source of information and worksheets. Sooo much information for all my children who all have their own individual needs. Will recommend this to all my friends and teachers. 10/10 ticks all the boxes. Thank you. x

Anonymous, 23rd June 2011

I love any sight that has free printables, but this one is at the top! Thank you so much for all of the fantastic choices.

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