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C Cox, 6th September 2011

I'm an SEN teaching assistant and am so pleased I've found your website - so many printouts. My children will be very busy!

Kim, new special ed teacher, 5th September 2011

Many thanks! I've been on your site all weekend printing out materials to help organize my very first classroom and help my students meet their IEP goals!

Anonymous, 4th September 2011

Fantastic website. My first time using it even though I've known about it. I printed off the literacy mash page to test and help a girl with visual perception problems as well as using the flashcard page :)

Ton, 4th September 2011

Is it possible to get a link to the "old" flashcards? There it was possible to enter directly a range of words by copying a list of words in a field. I need that in my classroom.

You're not the first to ask! - I've put the old Flash Card printer and the old Label Maker back up for those relying on these formats. You'll find them at the base of the Literacy and Other Printables pages.

SD, 1st September 2011

A brilliant site, everything anyone should ever need to help the little people! Well done

Brian Coles, 25th August 2011

Well done this is a really useful site and provides simple / well presented material which aids in support/guidance and teaching adults with learning difficulties.

Karen Jablon, 24th August 2011

I LOVE your website BUT the new flashcard creator eliminated some features that I love and used all the time. There is no plain border and and I cant get 6 flashcards on one page that fills up the page. Any chance that you can bring it back? Pretty please

Mariam Abid , 21st August 2011

just a fantastic website for parents and teachers who support and guide children with education. THANKYOU !

jennifer, 17th August 2011

i am a parent of a special needs child and this site is wonderful it can help my child in so many ways thankyou

Nita Fang, 16th August 2011

Thank you very very much for worksheet. My students were happy that they did the worksheet.

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