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Ton, 4th September 2011

Is it possible to get a link to the "old" flashcards? There it was possible to enter directly a range of words by copying a list of words in a field. I need that in my classroom.

You're not the first to ask! - I've put the old Flash Card printer and the old Label Maker back up for those relying on these formats. You'll find them at the base of the Literacy and Other Printables pages.

SD, 1st September 2011

A brilliant site, everything anyone should ever need to help the little people! Well done

Brian Coles, 25th August 2011

Well done this is a really useful site and provides simple / well presented material which aids in support/guidance and teaching adults with learning difficulties.

Karen Jablon, 24th August 2011

I LOVE your website BUT the new flashcard creator eliminated some features that I love and used all the time. There is no plain border and and I cant get 6 flashcards on one page that fills up the page. Any chance that you can bring it back? Pretty please

Mariam Abid , 21st August 2011

just a fantastic website for parents and teachers who support and guide children with education. THANKYOU !

jennifer, 17th August 2011

i am a parent of a special needs child and this site is wonderful it can help my child in so many ways thankyou

Nita Fang, 16th August 2011

Thank you very very much for worksheet. My students were happy that they did the worksheet.

Marguerite Cloche, 16th August 2011

I have just read the comment from 13th Aug 2011. I have been using the basic round edge labels for the last few years and look forward to your next update. I use them for name recognition in nursery because they are neat. Thank you for your excellent website.

Denise Mitchell, 15th August 2011

I am an Exceptional Children's Teacher and cannot tell you how excited I was to discover your site! Thank you so very much for recognizing and understanding the exceptional child and those things needed to educate them. I can't wait to share this site with my fellow educators! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous, 13th August 2011

I used your Name Label option in June before the update and really liked the simplicity of the text and style. Is there anyway to print labels again without an icon and have a larger text? Also, the border with the rounded corners is no longer available. Will it be offered again? I found that having a simple word card or name plate works better with some of my students. I do hope you'll consider that option again. Thank you for your time and effort.
Thanks for the feedback - I took the inset/rounded corners off as they limited the available space for text etc. Its possible to print without an icon by choosing upload, then not uploading anything, but I'll include a proper blank option next update.

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