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Anonymous, 29th September 2011

Fab website, keep up the great work. :)

Anonymous, 27th September 2011

this is a great website for parent and teacher.

MathGuy, 26th September 2011

Thank you for the useful resources.

Anonymous, 23rd September 2011

this is an awesome website!!!

Marianne, 23rd September 2011

This has been a valuable find for me.

Anonymous, 22nd September 2011

WoW~! Thanks!

Anonymous, 21st September 2011

The color copies of coins are a wonderful resource for our students and their families. Could you please add Canadian coins to the page?

Ronald , 21st September 2011

Much appreciated for the information and share!

Anonymous, 21st September 2011

wow what a great website

Anonymous, 19th September 2011

Excellent web site but very dissappointed with the inconsitency of the labels for literacy books as it keeps loading but then sticks. When it works its fab but it sticks more and more which is highly frustrating.

Sorry for this - we test in as many different browsers and operating systems as we can. If you provide me a little more information by email I'll see if I can figure out why this is happening.

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