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Marilyn , 9th November 2011

I have just designed a lot of certificates for my piano students and saved them but they do not open properly. How should I save them so that I can go to Officeworks and have them printed in colour?

You can save a bitmap image from the generator, but you will get a better final result if you print to PDF.

Anonymous, 7th November 2011

The print is so small that it makes it very difficult to use this site. Pity as the resources look great!!

Anonymous, 6th November 2011

Been using this site for years. It's has some great resources! Have you thought about a dice with positional language on it? I tried to type above, below into the boxes, but the font is too big... Could we choose the font size to make the literary dice usable for other ideas?

Laura, 3rd November 2011

Wonderful!!!! Thank you for this site. I found exactly what I was looking for!

Gill, 2nd November 2011

A fantastic site - have used it now for a number of years and there is always something new! Thank you for such great resources - invaluable!

Lindsay (Scotland), 1st November 2011

What a fantiastic site. I just got a job as an SEN Teacher and this site will really help me help my students. Many thanks.

Sarah, 30th October 2011

Found this site by accident, but I'm glad I did, the editable photo cards are so useful! Thankyou.

Yolanda, 30th October 2011

This is a very useful site. My students will benefit greatly from it. Thank you!

Hollie, 27th October 2011

This site is such a great resource! Saves me so much time, and my students thoroughly enjoy the activities I have printed out for them. Thanks so much!

Jayne, 26th October 2011

Thank you so much for this site! It will save so much time but allows creativity! Excellent!

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