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Sindhu Madhavan, 27th December 2011

Very good resource material. Thank you so much for the behavioural chart and all the flash cards. Do consider having flash cards for simple basic sentences.

Anonymous, 21st December 2011

thanks so much for the certificate pages! this were super quick and easy...we not only use them in the classroom, but for birthday certificates and fun things in the family. Thanks again! :)

Anne, 21st December 2011

Good site but could you please consider adding Canadian currency to your money sheets?

Tina, 12th December 2011

I ran off the Xmas Wordsearch for my class today and was surprised to find 2 words mis-spelt: mistletoe and reindeer! Remember to change these before running them off for your classes.

Sorry for this, I check all submissions, but this one slipped passed me!

kaitlinktm, 11th December 2011

Love the clocks sheets - am going to use them with older children to teach the time in French.

Anonymous, 9th December 2011


Anonymous, 5th December 2011

Hi I have previously used your site to print maths games card. It is a great circular game which generates various questions based around number facts. I have.... Who has..... but can not find this resource is it no longer available?

Please see the 'follow me' cards in Literacy Printables.

Ursula, 1st December 2011

I love this! I am a sped elementary teacher and the "Print Other" tab is absolutely awesome! The entire site is great, but thanks for the facial expressions.

Marion, 1st December 2011

I love this site and have often used your resources for my special needs students. I just tried to print certificates using Batch Print. Problem is the words Batch Print appear in the bottom left instead of the presenter's name. The student names are fine. The correct name appears on the screen. Any ideas as to why or how to fix it? I was using Blue Stars Award Certificate.

Helen, 28th November 2011

Your site is a brilliant help and we thank you so much for helping us to help the children in our care.

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