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jennie, 8th January 2012

What a fantastic website for resources, I will recommend this to my colleagues

Rosalyn, 7th January 2012

Love the flash card maker change and your other printables. Great free resource for all teachers. Thanks .

Arun Pai (Scholastic -Aeced), 5th January 2012

Just one word (Stupendablyfantabulous for children) wish there is more to it?

brynley bodinham, 5th January 2012

i work with adults with s.e.n and i found this web site to be a great site and will be using it more in the future i wish this site had been around when i first started teaching keep up the good work

David, 4th January 2012

Looks like a bookmark keeper!

Carol Finn, 29th December 2011

Really good resource, wish I would have found this years ago.

Cathy Pendergast, 28th December 2011

I'm sure you already have thousands - maybe millions of emails like this one... just saying THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have just completed my first year of primary teaching, and finding your website early in the year has helped me create much-needed resources. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing so much.

Sindhu Madhavan, 27th December 2011

Very good resource material. Thank you so much for the behavioural chart and all the flash cards. Do consider having flash cards for simple basic sentences.

Anonymous, 21st December 2011

thanks so much for the certificate pages! this were super quick and easy...we not only use them in the classroom, but for birthday certificates and fun things in the family. Thanks again! :)

Anne, 21st December 2011

Good site but could you please consider adding Canadian currency to your money sheets?

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