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Nick, 22nd March 2012

Your service is invaluable. Wishing you all the success in promoting and enhancing this website.

Anonymous, 20th March 2012

Have used your website loads to print off English & Maths worksheets for SEN pupil i work with and they love them. Love how you can create a worksheet depending on ability of child.

sally, 19th March 2012

Fantastic website please keep this one live. I would be lost without......

Anonymous, 19th March 2012

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for proving such a valuable learning tool.

Lucy, 18th March 2012

Great site. Who created it and what was the inspiration for it?

Anonymous, 10th March 2012

Found your website after a recommendation. Love it and will let other staff know about the great things it offers - especially the Australian money resources. Thank you!

Mary Bird, 10th March 2012

I just discovered this site and am thrilled with it! I work with teenagers who have significant cognitive and motor delays. There is so much I can use from this site for language. I like the sheets for tracing shapes, curves, etc. They print out so much better than other sites.

rossay, 9th March 2012

Wonderfull!! Thanx

john oberman, 7th March 2012

Very useful and impressive resource.I use it in teacher training for special education.Thank You all

Anonymous, 7th March 2012

Thanks for a great site !!

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