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Anonymous, 30th July 2012

Just setting up for the fall. The lists/lables will help for sure. The word lists should be fun too. Thank you..

Anonymous, 27th July 2012

thanks so much for the 3D shapes, they helped me a lot in maths! :)

Jill, 20th July 2012

how about listing some good Ipad Apps for teaching children with SLCN

Anonymous, 19th July 2012

I have used this website for a couple of years now and the worksheets and resourses are excellent for SEN and non-SEN. Keep up the good work!

sophie, 19th July 2012

his site makes teaching so much easier and there is no other site like it for certificates! thankyou

Anonymous, 13th July 2012

I love this website, especially the label maker. Thank you sooo much!!!

Lindsey, 4th July 2012

Fantastic! Some of these resources will be really helpful in teaching entry level ESOL. Thank you very much.

Gopala, 3rd July 2012

Thanks for providing free resources. I have found this website very useful in generating activity sheets. keep up the good work.

Anonymous, 30th June 2012

WOW!Just found this website thank you,I've had a great time looking though your resources and know I will use them.

chris, 30th June 2012

Great website! The materials and ideas are adaptable to my students' needs.

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