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Anonymous, 6th September 2012

The Print other is the Best

Anonymous, 4th September 2012

Love your website but wordsearch generator is not printing properly Rachel

Anonymous, 27th August 2012

Brilliant. Thankyou

Anonymous, 27th August 2012

in the tricky words little spelt incorrectly i'd love to see more lists of the magic 100 words indigo violet etc

We try to check all the submitted word lists, sometimes an error gets through thanks for spotting it

Lina, 25th August 2012

I am from Lithuania. I love this webpage ! Big thanks:)

KIm, 23rd August 2012

wonderful resources. a great help. Thanks guys!!

Johanna Stirling, 21st August 2012

I'm not an SEN teacher but teach English as a foreign language. There are so many fabulous tools on your site. I also work with teachers from around the world and always show them this site. Everyone loves it! Thank you so much. Johanna

Peter Benkovi , 18th August 2012

I am Slovak. Your webpage is very,very,very good. :):):)Peter-teacher

Kelly , 18th August 2012

Thank you for providing easy to use, free resources. Much appreciated.

Kerry-Lee, 6th August 2012

What great resources THANK YOU :)

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