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Anonymous, 15th October 2012

Brilliant website, time saving and practical examples. Great that it allows one to customise activities

Anonymous, 12th October 2012

Great worksheets. Thanks so much.

Anonymous, 9th October 2012

this is not good for children because you dont say how to do it

Anonymous, 8th October 2012

Excellent website, great worksheets

Valmai, 6th October 2012

Three wordss for your site- awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! Thank you so much for these fantastic resources

Anonymous, 4th October 2012

Absolutely great website saves so much time making your own flashcards thsnk you.

Amanda, 2nd October 2012

I have just started a learning support role in a college working with adults with various learning disabilities. I love the print outs and will be using them in class, thank you so much greatly appreciated.

Anonymous, 26th September 2012

i work on a one to one basis with an autistic child in a year one setting and find all the printables really useful. easy to change, easy to use, fantastic

Tracy, 25th September 2012

Great website, used by many staff in my school. Thank you!

George, 24th September 2012

I use your literacy printables a great deal. Would you be able to correct the dominoes ( see comments 7th Feb & 21st May.)I can see great potential in these but as numbers 2& 7 are a pair to 7&2) the loop does not work.

Hi - thanks for this, don't know why it took so long - a new version is up now. Many thanks

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