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Anonymous, 6th July 2017


stephanie, 21st May 2017

Great helpful resources thank you

Serkan , 25th April 2017

Emeinize salk ok gzel olmu ok teekkr ediyorum. Tm Trkiye Adna... Sayglar sevgiler.

Monika, 24th April 2017

Bardzo fajna stronka

Anonymous, 27th March 2017

Great for my dyslexic child

Rebecca, 23rd March 2017

This website is so helpful

Gary, 9th March 2017

I love your resources.

Elizabeth, 3rd March 2017

We found an effective handwashing sign online that is from your site, titled Effective Handwashing, 7 steps to prevent the spread of germs. Is this sign able to be printed and posted or is it copyrighted if so, how can I get a printed sign

It's possible that someone made it here with one of the tools and shared it, but it's not an example sheet I'm afraid.

Alex, 28th February 2017

It seems perfect for my students

Jo Birch, 27th January 2017

Great resources, I have got some great ideas from looking at these thankyou.

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