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pennington, 19th January 2003

As a learning support assistant in a primary school in an poor area, I found yor website very helpful. Especially the printable pages. I am working with a year 6 group, who are very poor, your worksheets have been an enjoyment while learning. Thank you. Ros

Juliani binti Jaapar, 14th January 2003

Excellence! Keep it up! Thanks a lot on the making of the clock.

C Dixon, 9th January 2003

Thankyou. The card and fan makers save me loads of time. I'm grateful.

Phil Hoppenbrouwers, 4th January 2003

Excellent resources

adele henry, 4th January 2003

My son has been recently tested to reveal he has dyslexia. I am searching the internet for anything I can find that would be of some help for him.This website seems useful and informative. thanks Adele Henry

Tyler Puckett, 28th December 2002

Hi, You did a great job on your web page! Please visit the Puckett Family Homepage. Please sign in the Guest Book (It means a lot to me :) Happy New Year, Tyler Puckett

Dolly Tan, 13th December 2002

Absolutely great resource for teachers in special needs education in a developing country where resources are limited!

nelly, 8th December 2002

informative site!! please feel free to come and put your feet up at ours too

Maria Virtue, 26th November 2002

What a brilliant sight.Thank you.I shall spread the word amongst my colleagues.

Vanessa, 25th November 2002

Thank You, Thank You, I LOVE this site.

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