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Lorraine Hines, 22nd September 2003

Thank you for a great site. I found your printables very useful and saved a lot of time.

sara, 20th September 2003

nice site

Gina Schreivogel, 20th September 2003

This has been a very useful site for me. I'm homeschooling my 5 year odl daughter who is dyslexic (and hyper-active) plus my 4 year old granddaughter. This has been a very big blessing to me. I especially appreciate bing able to print my own flash cards since it is so difficult for my daughter to read phonetically, the cards help her to recognize words she sees in reading material. I like being able to choose which words to introduce. Thank you very, very much.

Teaching Treasures, 14th September 2003

Lovely site, I enjoyed browsing through all the info, thanks for the effort.

Julie Richardson, 9th September 2003

Great site, glad to come across it after a long day, keep up the good work

Anna, 7th September 2003

Great stuff!

Karen, 6th September 2003

Great site. Loads I can use

Laure, 27th August 2003

Brilliant! great art work, and so time saving. Thanks

Linda, 19th August 2003

Great site!! Thanks.

Julie Keers, 12th August 2003

Great site

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