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Rhian Gibbings, 26th October 2003

Excellent resources! You have made my day!!

mia, 21st October 2003

THANKS - what more can i say!

Pam Bashford, 17th October 2003

I will certainly encourage my PGCE students to use this excellent site.

Ian Charlesworth, 15th October 2003

Excellent pages, a great help when teaching basic skills.

Fiona, 12th October 2003

Thank you, returning to teaching after a break has been a bit stressful, but discovering this website has really helped ease the pain!

mia, 11th October 2003

Great work, thanks for sharing it! I particularly find the 'Quick card printer' really helpful, although it would be excellent if there were font options available too as this type of 'a' confuses some of my students! Keep up the good work - thanks again.

J.Baker, 7th October 2003

A very useful site. I look foreward to using it with my pupils.

Joshua LeBeouf, 6th October 2003

Hello people :-)

bobby nixon, 6th October 2003

I was recommended to this site and thank you for making it so quick and easy to locate and print really good resources

GILLIAN HAMILTON, 5th October 2003

A fantastic site with excellent easily printed worksheets. I teach a composite class of 7/8 year olds and some of the activities are spot on for them. Thank you so much. Keep up the hard work.

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