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Anonymous, 24th January 2013

I just found this site in search of 3D nets. This is exactly what I was looking for outside of having to make them myself!! Thank you so very much!! Keep this site going please, we need sites like this sharing for free!!

Sally, 23rd January 2013

Best site for learners with SEN I have found.

Bee, 23rd January 2013

Really lovely site. Well done!

Rosalina, 18th January 2013

I luv this site

Anonymous, 17th January 2013

Thank you so much for this website. I use it constantly. Another really good additional would be to allow the onset and time to have a feature where you decide whether you would like it centred to the left of right. This way you could have 4 endings like ass ess iss oss uss and the rest of the sheet could be the onset. I use this programme so much it's brilliant but I also cut the dominoes down the middle to make onset and time cards rather than a game. Such a great feature!

Mariane, 17th January 2013

This is one of those gifts in life that causes one to just sit back, take a breath and be thankful for all that is good, shared and meant to be passed along for the greater good of mankind.

anonymous, 16th January 2013

thank you so much you well and truly saved my lesson plan today

Anonymous, 11th January 2013

Lots of GREAT stuff here! I had not heard of this site until the other day when I found a printout of the 3D cylinder that someone had left behind at the copier. (I find the best stuff at the copier!!) We will definitely be using this site!

Anonymous, 11th January 2013

Brilliant! very useful

Anonymous, 7th January 2013

Thank you! What a good website. I will use this page in my job, I work in school. I am from Sweden and I would appreciate if I could use the letters , , in all your program. Thank in advance.

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