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Annette, 25th October 2004

Brilliant worksheets first time here and will deffently visit again. Many Thanks

Stacey, 25th October 2004

Hi I came onto this website to get some understanding of what you are exactly supposed to do with the magic squares but i cannot find anywhere that tells me this, therefore i cannot help a friend that does not know what exactly to do, i think that you should at least provide some instructions on what to do for thoose that are not told. Other than that i think that this is a brilliant website. thank you

Amaka, 24th October 2004

Keep it up!

Heather, 19th October 2004

A brilliant site with good resources that are useable in the classroom. Thankyou so much for saving me time and giving me my life back!!! Will pass it on at school:)

sheila, 12th October 2004

some brilliant resources. Will use quite a few of them in my teaching of students with learning disabilities

kay, 10th October 2004

I teach in a special needs school in Harlow. We are practising times tables, the missing links page is really useful. I like the way the numbers, and layout changes for me. Most sites have one good idea then I have to make changes and adaptions. I will be using the online games will let you know what the children think of them.

Mary Phillips, 10th October 2004

Missing from e Fanatastic worksheet downloads and useful info on Special needs. Will browse again. MP

Beth Broadwell, 4th October 2004

This is an awesome site. It has saved me so much time and energy!

Nicki Quarterman, 30th September 2004

This is the most useful site i have come across for teaching adults with all sorts of learning difficulties. Please keep adding stuff to it!!!

Ann, 26th September 2004

I teach children with learning difficulties of various types ans levels. Super site - many thanks.

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