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Helen Thorpe, 26th February 2005

Brilliant site. Came across it while searching for maths resources. Clear, sheets, easy for children to use. going to print them al out back at school (use their ink!!!!)

terry, 20th February 2005

excellent worksheets and free! Thanks.

Michele Wareham, 19th February 2005

Great resources, it's not very often you get a website this good for free. Keep up the good work.

Vikki, 18th February 2005

Excellent resources and so simple to download!!

Tracy Boon, 12th February 2005

"GREAT SITE" I work with sen children and can't wait to show them the new letter fans. Thanks

Sandra Johnson, 10th February 2005

Thank you so much for this site. I homeschool my sons (1 autistic, 1 learning diabled) and have found it so difficult to find appropriate worksheets. (UNTIL NOW!!! ) One of my favorite links is Rubber Face I was shocked when my son was unable to recognize emotions, 2/20. It has certainly given my teaching new direction. Thanks Again! Sandra

Becky, 28th January 2005

Love it! Finding prepared worksheets and resources is always a bonus. Am taking the site address to the SENco now! thank you...

Alberto, 21st January 2005

Brilliant resources.

Nathan Burton, 21st January 2005

Was searching for resources through 'Google' and came across this page, and it's absolutely fantastic! Best site i've been on to help with my learners. In addition, they found the sheets and activities very beneificial. Thanks.

Ann Stevenson, 19th January 2005

Great Site...I love it! :)

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