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Stacy Johnson, 1st April 2005

Highly recommend your site =)

John, 30th March 2005

This site will be a very useful tool in my future. Great job and keep up the good work.

Digital, 18th March 2005

You're website looks very nice, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Good Luck!

George, 17th March 2005

As a full time teaching Head I found this site to be brilliant for many of my Y3/Y4 children as well as my SEN children. Saves me ages in producing materials to repeat topics for over learning with the children.

I.A(mozart), 16th March 2005

i am 7 years old. i realy like this website because its very fun and intersting.

vicky, 14th March 2005

what a great site!! I work with a number of different ability students and can find something for everyone here.

Sandra, 11th March 2005

Very good site.

Josh Benn, 10th March 2005

I am currently studying for my A-Levels and am trying to look into places to study to become a SEN teacher/SENCO. this is something i feel very passionate about and i have wanted to do for many years now. i am finding it difficult to find many courses relating to what i wish to study. any help, advice etc on what you did or anything at all really-any unis particularly good for special needs education? some help would be greatly appriciated. thank you, Josh

Michelle Newman, 28th February 2005

I have been using this site for about 2 yrs now. It is so useful. Thank you!

mo, 27th February 2005

thank you this is great

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