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Anonymous, 10th February 2013

Fantastic site. Thank you so much

Patti C, 10th February 2013

The cost of games for kids with special needs is crazy...I hope this site proves itself to be a great resource for myself and my son's teachers.

Rajen, 7th February 2013

Thank you for really good resources. I really appreciate it.

charlietuna, 4th February 2013

I had this websight a few years ago and lost it when I moved schools and changed computers. I need it now even more. Hooray.

Shannon, 3rd February 2013

One of the most user friendly websites I have ever come across! Levels in my class range from L3 to L6 and yet I use resources from this site all the time. Fantastic, and much appreciated, thank you.

Anonymous, 30th January 2013

You have just saved me at least an hour of work yet again. I'm a student teacher working in a special needs school. Thank you so much to keep up the great work.

jr, 29th January 2013

this site is cool beans!

Anonymous, 24th January 2013

I just found this site in search of 3D nets. This is exactly what I was looking for outside of having to make them myself!! Thank you so very much!! Keep this site going please, we need sites like this sharing for free!!

Sally, 23rd January 2013

Best site for learners with SEN I have found.

Bee, 23rd January 2013

Really lovely site. Well done!

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